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Lobbying activities

We are part of the European Union Transparency Register and the United States Lobbying Register.

We consider our participation in debates on public policies provides information and knowledge necessary to the development of legitimate and effective legislation and we support this being done in a transparent manner.

In February 2011 Repsol was included in the European Union transparency register and in the United States registry of lobbying activity.

The information provided by the company to both registers is public and may be consulted on the websites of these bodies. Some of the most important highlights for 2011 are as follows:

European Union Transparency Register

Each year we provide information on the associations and networks we belong to, an estimation of costs related to direct interest-representation activities at European Institutions, and our interest-representation activities. In 2011, the information we reported relates to:

  • Associations and networks: We are members of the following sector organizations: Europia, European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), PlasticEurope, Oil and Gas Producers Association (OGP), European Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (AEGLP), International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), European Committee for Standarization (CEN) and European Diisocyanate & Polyol Producers Association (ISOPA). We are also members of the following business associations: European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), Center for European Policies Studies (CEPS) and American European Community Association (AECA).
  • Financial data: Our best estimate of expenditure related to direct lobbying activities, meetings, direct correspondence and involvement by our employees in preparing documents and in the working groups of various associations and think tanks ranges from €200,000 to €225,000. We take into consideration both the cost of the time invested and of any travel costs. We do not include membership fees, given that these are declared separately by the various associations.
  • Interest-representation activities: The main representation activities we carried out in Europe have been focused on European policies in the fields of energy, industry, environment, climate change, and foreign trade.

United States Lobby Registry

For this registry we complete two forms. The first requires us to declare our company's lobbying activity in the United States on a quarterly basis. In 2010, we reported expenditure related to direct lobbying activities by our employees of an estimated €110,000 pertaining to activities in the Fuel/Oil/Gas category.

We must also make a declaration of direct or indirect payments to public employees of the American government, on a twice-yearly basis. Both Repsol and our employees who undertake lobbying activities for the company have declared no contributions made in 2011 to public employees of the American government.