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Our emission reduction objective

In 2011, we have exceeded our annual emissions reduction target in tons of CO2 eq, achieving over 85% of the 2005-2013 strategic objective.

Repsol continues to pursue the long term objective to reduce 2.5 MtCO2 compared to the business as usual scenario, between 2005 and 2013. The annual reduction target for 2011, approved by the Executive Committee, was 320,200 tons. Thanks to actions verified under to the ISO 14064 standard, we have surpassed this target by achieving a reduction of 622,300 t of CO2.

There are 26 reduction actions grouped into the following categories:

Business unit Facility Number of actions Type of actions Reduced emissions (tCO2)
Refining Spain A Corua Refinery (Spain) 5 Energy integration between units, improving energy efficiency, fuel change 44,437
Puertollano Refinery (Spain) 2 Improving energy efficiency, optimizing the use of steam 14,620
Cartagena Refinery (Spain) 2 Improving energy efficiency, fuel subsitution 21,975
Tarragona Refinery (Spain) 3 Improving energy efficiency 17,519
Bilbao - Petronor Refinery (Spain) 3 Improving energy efficiency, optimizing the use of steam, fuel substitution 109,805
Chemicals EURM Tarragona Chemical Complex 1 Reduction of steam consumption in the Cogeneration 2 plant degasser. 38,442
Puertollano Chemical Complex 1 Connecting the PF-2 Tower to the circuit with the PF-1 Tower and the Extrusion tower 1,102
Refining Peru La Pampilla Refinery (Peru) 1 Improving energy efficiency 35,531
Upstream Block 16 (Ecuador) 1 Optimization of the gas system and flare gas recovery 15,028
Refining YPF La Plata Refinery (Argentina) 1 Flare gas reduction 150,748.1
Lujn de Cuyo Refinery (Argentina) 3 Flare gas reduction, improving energy efficiency 128,973
Chemicals YPF Ensenada Industrial Complex (Argentina) 2 Improving energy efficiency 33,020
E&P YPF Caadn Len Field (Argentina) 1 Replacement of Caterpillar motor generatiors with Genbacher models 11,100

Cumulative reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions