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purchasing and contracts

Country of origin of our suppliers

About 89% of our provisioning was carried out through local suppliers

In 2011, we worked with 27,758 suppliers from 85 countries.

Country of origin of the supplier or contractor

Sudfrica GuineaEcuatorial Mauritania Marruecos Argelia Tunez Libia Egipto Israel Jordania Irak Irn EmiratosArabes Qatar Omn Bahreim Australia IslasMarshall Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Singapur Vietnam Taiwan Japon CoreaSur China CoreaNorte Rusia Finlandia Noruega Malta Grecia Irlanda ReinoUnido Dinamarca Polonia RepCheca Eslovenia Alemania Holanda Luxemburgo Belgica Austria Italia Francia Portugal Espania Andorra Argentina Argentina Chile Chile Ecuador Peru Bolivia Paraguay Uruguay Brasil Surinn Guyana Venezuela Colombia Panama CostaRica Nicaragua Honduras CaimanIslas Aruba AntillasHolandesas TrinidadTobago Barbados IslasVirgenes PuertoRico Bahamas Cuba Mejico Canada Canada Canada EEUU EEUU Chipre India Suiza

Repsol spent approximately €8,531 million on purchasing and contracts in 2011. Approximately 89% of this was carried out through local suppliers.

Evolution of purchasing and contracts
€ Million 2009 2010 2011
Total purchases 6,251 7,565 9,591
Total suppliers 24,005 24,077 27,758
Local purchasing 5,324 6,461 8,531
% of total 85.17% 85.41% 88.95%

The total number or suppliers rose by 15.3% compared to 2010, largely due to the rise in the number of suppliers in countries like Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, the United Sates and Portugal. In this period, we needed a greater number suppliers to be able to cope with the different projects that the company has under way, the programs on hold at some of our industrial complexes and a marked increase in exploration activity.

Purchasing and contracts in 2011 (100) (&euro million)
Country Total Local % purchases from local suppliers
Spain 3,360,2 2,944,4 87.62%
Argentina 4,364.1 4,109.6 94,17%
Argelia 34.2 13.4 39.12%
Bolivia 196.6 179.3 91.17%
Brazil 439.9 312.1 70.94%
Canada 35.2 34.4 94.48%
Colombia 6.57 6.55 99.74%
Cuba 23.7 1.2 4.86%
Ecuador 162.8 153.5 94.27%
USA 78.2 77.2 98.67%
France 5.69 5.66 99.61%
Guaiana 23.7 3.2 13.57%
Indonesia 0.1 0.1 100%
Japon 0.004 0.004 100%
Libya 7.4 5.9 79.52%
Marocco 54.0 3.4 6.35%
Mexico 9.2 9.0 97.35%
Norway 18.8 17.9 95.17%
Peru 299.4 271.8 90.77%
Portugal 341.9 270.4 79.08%
Trinidad and Tobago 95.1 80.4 84.52%
Venezuela 34.3 31.9 92.99%
Total 9,591 8,531 88.95%

In 2011 we increased the number of countries in which we purchase locally, with our entry into Guiana, Indonesia and Japan.

We do no always have access to local suppliers capable of providing specialist services or materials. On such occasions, we must resort to international suppliers.

Purchasing and contracts through special employment centers

As well as having disabled workers on its staff, Repsol has made a commitment to boost job creation for people with disabilities, by purchasing goods and services from companies deemed Special Employment Centers (SECs).

In Spain, these centers are intended to be a means of integrating people with disabilities into the labor market. These are companies in which at least 70% of the workforce are people with a disability that reduces their capacity for work by at least 33%.

Repsol supports centers that promote employment for people with disabilities by awarding them contracts for the provision of goods and services that do not fall within critical areas and when they do not exceed certain amounts. We also hold calls for tender which we weight in favor of SECs, to encourage the integration of people with disabilities into the labor market, even when this might imply an increase in the differential cost of the goods or service.

Euros 2009 2010 2011
Purchases to SECs 1,000,000 1,900,000 4,200,000

In 2011, Repsol made purchases from a total of 51 special employment centers in Spain, at a value of €4.2 million. The goods and services they provided were promotional articles, IT consumables, office goods, document printing, gardening, cleaning, portering and catering services and occupational safety material.

(100) The purchasing total refers exclusively to purchases made by the Department of Purchasing and Contracts.