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Customer satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction rate has improved in all countries and businesses where we have commercial activity.

We have various mechanisms in place for measuring our customers' level of satisfaction and gathering their opinions, as well as maintaining contact with customers, informing them of the products that are available and their characteristics and attending to their queries and complaints. We have developed channels of various kinds, such as face-to-face service and sales points, traveling salespeople, mobile offices, dedicated telephone numbers, web pages and emails to make it easier to access information about the available products and services.

We conduct satisfaction surveys to learn the trends in customer satisfaction with the services received and products sold. This allows the weakest points in the company-customer relationship to be detected and improvement measures taken.

Since our products and business areas are very diverse, we cannot use a global index to measure the satisfaction levels of the company's customers. The methodologies and procedures applied in each business and country are different.

Customer satisfaction surveys are carried out at least every two years, although there may be exceptions depending on the country and the business. These surveys are conducted by outside companies. In the case of Spain, Argentina and Portugal, we use the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which is based on a scale of one to five. In Ecuador and Peru, a percentage scale is used. In assessing the satisfaction of the chemicals unit, we use the overall service level.

After analyzing past complaints, we took the following measures in 2011 to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Increased collaboration between the commercial logistics departments and customer care services to optimize and improve the frequency of routes and supplies.
  • Provided continual training of telephone operators in the process of handling orders.
  • Reviewed recurring incidents regarding orders, to identify ways of improving the process.
  • Provided a training program aimed at improving customer service.

These corrective measures have had a positive effect, as demonstrated by the generally improved customer satisfaction index in all our countries and businesses.

The customer satisfaction indices (CSI) for Service Stations, LPG and Chemicals are shown below:

CSI for service station customers
  2009 2010 2011
Spain 4.02 NA 3.91
Peru 83% 76% 82%
Portugal 3.91 3.95 3.99
CSI for LPG customers
  2009 2010 2011
Private customers bulk NA 4.15 NA
Companies bulk NA 4.11 NA
Piped NA 3.95 NA
Bottled 4.18 NA NA
Bulk 4.3 4.4 NA
Bulk 95.07% 94.43% 97.95%
Bottled 84% 88% 90%
Piped 3.77 NA NA
Bottled 4.21 NA NA
Bulk 3.99 NA NA
Bulk N.d. 91% 76%
Bottled NA NA 80%

The satisfaction index for bulk LPG in Peru was 91% in 2010. We obtained that result through a satisfaction survey performed on a sample of 50 customers and it is therefore not comparable to the 2011 index, which applies to all customers.

Overall Chemicals service level
  2009 2010 2011
Overall service level 89.5% 86.9% 88.1%

Customer service complaints

Customer service is backed up by systems for dealing with complaints, which usually relate to hiring, invoicing, payments, supply quality as well as service received.

All the complaints we receive from our customers are analyzed so that we can implement corrective actions. In 2011 we received 17% fewer complaints from our customers.

Number of complaints to Marketing
  2009 2010 2011
Spain and Portugal 34,865 28,411 26,948
Peru 210 270 419
Total 35,075 28,681 27,367

Among the reasons for the rise in the number of complaints in Peru is the opening of new service stations.

Number of complaints in LPG(103)
  2009 2010 2011
Spain 53,875 51,367 58,803
Argentina 2,276 2,619 2,396
Chile N,d 113,801 97,970
Ecuador 1,211 15,658 9,958
Peru N,d 412,389 321,943
Portugal 105 48 76
Total 57,467 595,882 491,146

The rise in the number of complaints in Spain is due to an increase in the final cost that piped gas customers in the Basque Country were billed, arising from the convergence of factors such as the rising price of the product and the weather. To help these customers, we took specific and personalized action to facilitate communication, we set up a free telephone helpline and a service to arrange payment in installments.

Number of complaints in Chemicals
2009 2010 2011
696 663 595

During the year there was no record of incidents involving leaks, theft or loss of clients' personal data.

(103) The data for 2009 do not include complaints in Chile and Peru.