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Our customers

Our marketing activities

Through the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) business units(100), Marketing(101)and Chemicals, we make a wide range of products and services available to our customers, which we market either directly or through distributors and service stations.

We are one of the most important LPG retail distribution companies in the world and the biggest in Spain and Latin America. In 2011, we were present in nine countries in Europe and Latin America.

We produce a wide variety of chemical products, which we market in more than 90 countries. We are the market leader on the Iberian Peninsula, where we have three main production centers: Puertollano and Tarragona (Spain) and Sines (Portugal), as well as other centers with a lower output, such as those in Gajano (Cantabria, Spain), Monzn (Huesca, Spain) and Lantaron (lava, Spain).

(101) The LPG area markets bottled, piped and bulk liquid petroleum gases, primarily butane and propane.
(102) The Marketing area includes businesses such as the service stations, aviation, lubricants and specialities and direct fuel sales.