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We established channels for dialogue with our stakeholders in the area of influence of our operations as part of our Community Relations Policy.

The procedure we use to promote involvement with communities affected by the company's operations comes out of the community relations policy. This policy promotes, establishes and develops the guidelines for action regarding communities affected, directly or indirectly, by the company's projects and activities. This policy formalizes our social commitment to sustainable development and respect for the communities, regions and countries where we operate.

Our relationship with the areas surrounding our industrial complexes

There are urban environments with large populations influenced by our industrial complexes. We maintain a systematic dialog with stakeholders from these communities and establish formal and informal channels of communication to further foster our relationship. As a general rule, we plan stakeholder visits are to the company's industrial complexes, during which stakeholders are informed about our activities at the complex and about our work culture that emphasizes personal safety and the prevention and minimization of environmental impact.

Our industrial community relations, our dialogs and agreements established with them, are described below:


Industrial complex Communities affected and number of inhabitants Dialogs held Agreements established
A Corua - A Corua-250,000 habs
- Arteixo- 28,000 habs
- Meicende- 4,000 habs
- Bens- 300 habs
- Nostin- 100 habs
- Arteixo- 28,000 habs
- Periodic meetings with residents' associations and representatives of A Corua city council and the regional government
- An agreement with the symphony orchestra and another with the Luis Seaone Foundation in the city of A Corua
- An agreement with the town of Bens to remodel our headquarters there
Cartagena - Cartagena- 218,200 hab
- La Unin- 18,600 hab
- Alumbres- 3,400 hab
- Six-monthly meetings with the residents association in Alumbres, a town directly affected by our activity
- Meetings with representatives of local groups and associations of people with disabilities
- Agreement to build a football pitch for the sports school in the town of Alumbres
- Agreement with associations of people with disabilities to provide training internships
- Collaboration agreement with Cartagena Technical University
Muskiz - Abanto y Zierbena -10,000 habs
- Muskiz - 7,300 habs
- Zierbena - 1,300 habs
- Periodic meetings with town councils, clubs and associations in the area
- Committee to monitor Petronor activity
- Visits to the Petronor industrial center
- Quarterly distribution of the company's publication to all residents
- Program of training grants aimed at young people from the towns nearby the complex, to facilitate their entry into the labor market
- Training course leading to work as a plant operator. At the end of the nine-month course, more than 50% were hired. The rest will be taken on in 2012
- Collaboration with the technical college on vocational training summer courses in Muskiz
Puertollano - Puertollano- 52,000 habs
- Three public advisory panel meetings
- Two visits to the industrial center
- Three talks with the residents association to address their concerns
- Collaboration agreement with the town council to promote and encourage cultural, children's, youth and sport activities
- Collaboration agreement with the Ciudad Real Federation of Disabled People's Associations
Tarragona - Tarragona- 134,085 habs
- Constant- 6,592 habs
- El Morrel-3,445 habs
- La Pobla de Mafumet- 2,810 habs
- Perafort- 1,230 habs
- Periodic meetings with residents associations
- Visits to the industrial center
- Agreement with the La Snia environmental association to protect the ecology of the River Gai
- Collaboration on a disability awareness program with the Mestral-COCEMFE Tarragona Federation, the city council and the Tarragona Educational Complex


Industrial complex Communities affected and number of inhabitants Dialogs held Agreements established
Lujn de Cuyo - Mendoza- 1,741,610 habs
- Lujn de Cuyo- 124,418 habs
- Visits by residents and students
- Meetings with key local figures and civil society organizations
- Agreement to organize cultural events in schools and other public institutions in Lujn de Cuyo
- Agreement with the Directorate for Renewable Natural Resources to set up wild bird rescue, rehabilitation and conservation center
La Plata - Ensenada : 56,729 habs - Berisso 88,470 habs
- La Plata 657,320 habs
- Meetings with residents
- Meetings with members of La Plata city council
- Remodeling and construction of the facilities in Plaza Almirante Guillermo Brown
- Construction of a comprehensive center for special education for disabled adults
- Development of a joint work program to assess the canals surrounding the refinery and determine any environmental liabilities
- Social and cultural development programs
Plaza Huincul - Plaza Huincul - 11,500 - Meetings with local government representatives
- Meetings with local government representatives
- Agreement signed to build a cultural center
- Collaboration with educational institutions in the area


Industrial complex Communities affected and number of inhabitants Dialogs held Agreements established
Sines - Santiago do Cacm- 31,105
- Sines- 14,260
- Visits by residents and students - Social and cultural development programs


Industrial complex Communities affected and number of inhabitants Dialogs held Agreements established
La Pampilla - Ventanilla - 277,685 - Program of visits
- Perceptions survey of residents and opinion leaders
- Meetings with organizations, authorities and interested members of the public
- Social development programs