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Relationships with shareholders and investors

We consider it important to know the importance our investors give to ethical, social, environmental and governance matters.

At Repsol we look after our relationships with our shareholders (institutional and minority) and stock market analysts through our Shareholder Information Office (SIO), part of our Investor Relations Division.

Minority shareholders

Shareholders can request any information they might need by visiting the Shareholder Information Office, using our free telephone line - 900 100 100 - or by mail or email. The SIO attended approximately 50,000 calls during 2011, an average of 190 per day. The most common enquiries focused on the share price, the General Meeting, the policy and dates for the payment of dividends, as well as a variety of facts about the company. Moreover, in 2011, we received about 850 emails requesting information on Repsol.

Institutional Investors and analysts

The Investor Relations Department communicates freely with institutional investors and stock market analysts. During 2011:

  • We met outside Repsol offices with institutional investors (roadshows) in Europe, the United States and Asia with the participation of senior management. We had a further 11 meetings with the investor relations team.
  • We attended 12 sector conferences in Europe and in the United States, which included meetings organized with institutional investors
  • We received investors in our company offices. These combined activities meant that we made contact with 600 institutional investors during 2011
  • We organized a field trip in Argentina and Bolivia, focused on helping analysts and institutional investors get to know the company's operations in person. It was attended by 38 analysts who follow our performance.

We consider it important to know the importance with which institutional investors view our ethical, social, environmental and good governance matters. This enables us to align our practices and improve our performance. During 2011, we worked to identify investors that include sustainability considerations in their investment policies and criteria. This analysis was aimed at helping us to identify relevant issues and the strengths and weaknesses in our ethical, social, and environmental performance. As a result of this analysis, in early 2011 we presented our first road show specifically on matters of corporate responsibility.