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Managing intangible assets

We improved our position on the main national and international reputation indicators.

Much of a company's value lies in its intangible assets, such as brand and reputation - two key strategic values that differentiate us and help generate trust among stakeholders. For Repsol, corporate reputation is the recognition that our stakeholders give to the company's behavior and performance.

This is especially relevant in sectors such as the energy sector for the potential environmental and social impacts inherent in any industrial project. This requires Repsol to act under extremely demanding standards. As a company actively engaged in maintaining and increasing recognition from its stakeholders, Repsol manages this intangible asset through a Corporate Reputation Plan that includes measurement indicators, risks, online reputation and reputation improvement plans.

As part of our commitment to reputation management, we joined the Corporate Excellence: Centre for Reputation Leadership, as board member and founding partner in 2011. Corporate Excellence is a meeting point for major Spanish companies that aims to work towards professional brand and corporate reputation management on a global level.

In 2011, we maintained and improved our top-ten positions on the main national and international reputation indicators, such as the Spanish Corporate Reputation Monitor (MERCO) and Fortune Magazine's World's Most Admired Companies, by sector and country.