Committed to fighting
climate change

Repsol has achieved
74% of the emission
reduction target
for 2020

Cambio Climático

Repsol constantly strives to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), one of the strategic aspects of its Global Sustainability Plan.

Between 2014 and 2020, we committed to decreasing our CO2 emissions by 1.9 million metric tons. At the end of 2017, we had already reached the 1.4 million metric ton mark, which represents 74% of the planned target. In 2017, the reduction amounted to 216,000 metric tons.

These figures were possible thanks to the large investment made in recent years in actions to improve the efficiency of our operations, with €40 million invested in 2017 and almost €400 million in total.

Furthermore, Repsol became the first oil and gas company in the world to issue a certified green bond last year. Worth €500 million, the bond will fund over 300 projects to reduce our emissions, improving energy efficiency through innovation and technology.

The fund created by the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) to support the development of innovative low-emission technologies made its first investments in 2017. This organization, created by Repsol and other large industry companies, selected three projects aimed at reducing GHG emissions: the use of CO2 in cement production, the development of more efficient engines, and the design of a large-scale natural gas-power plant with carbon capture and storage.