Workers with high incidence or high risks of diseases related to their occupation

We carry out a risk assessment as a prior condition for annual planning and preventive action in order to eliminate or reduce and control all the hazards identified. We include appropriate emergency measures and health monitoring activities, applying different protocols depending on the risks to which employees are exposed due to their activity and work location. These prevention activities also include employee training, information and awareness campaigns.

We bear in mind the risks of catching contagious diseases (dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, leishmania etc.) at certain locations where we operate and we apply the proper measures, such as vaccination programs, fumigation and pest control.

In other situations, employees may be exposed to high noise levels or their work might require physical exertion, repetitive movements, extended use of display screens or exposure to toxic substances (chemical risk).

We continued to work to prevent illnesses and protect health in 2016, as follows:

  • Monitoring of individual and collective health
    • Guaranteeing regular check-ups free of charge (depending on the legislation applicable in each country)
    • Individual monitoring of employees in high-risk posts (hypoacusia, chemical hazards)
    • Adaptation of posts and working conditions depending on the hazards
  • Repsol Healthy Heart Plan:
    • Action in relation to the priority areas established for 2016: focusing on lifestyles (stress management, stopping smoking).
    • Boosting the areas of action established for previous years: eating habits, physical exercise, high blood pressure and type II diabetes.
    • Individual monitoring of employees with cardiovascular risks (high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, obesity etc.).
  • Assessment of psychosocial risks:
    • Extension to new company units.
    • Pilot Mindfulness workshop.
  • Campaigns for the prevention and early detection of cancer of the colon, prostate, human papillomavirus, breast cancer, consolidation of campaigns and extension to new units/countries
  • Training (first aid, CPR, how to use data display screens, stress management, back school, ergonomics etc.)
  • Alcohol and drug prevention. Training and awareness plan launched along with Spain's Drug Addiction Foundation ("Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción"): online prevention course and course for mediators
  • Immunization and prevention of transmissible diseases (depending on country risks and priorities)
  • Prevention of muscle-skeletal disorders and injuries
  • Assistance to hire people with disabilities
  • Updating of contents and health campaigns on the Health and Wellness channel. Launch of a new area of contents concerning emotional wellness: addiction, life/work balance, stress, social skills, mindfulness, relaxation, resilience, psychosocial hazards, sleeping and resting
  • Health education for family members and communities in some units/countries
  • Advice and assistance for units on health in the workplace, ergonomics and psych sociology