Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of men to women by employee category, by significant locations of operation

Ratio of basic salary of men to women.
Country Executives[1] Technical managers Technicians Administratives staff Operatives
Bolivia N.D N.D 1.06 N.D N.D
Brazil N.D 1.19 1.25 N.D N.D
Canada 1.10 1.15 1.07 N.D N.D
Ecuador N.D N.D 1.45 N.D N.D
Spain 1.11 1.16 1.13 1.10 N.D
United States
N.D 1.16 1.13 N.D N.D
Indonesia N.D N.D 1.05 N.D N.D
Malaysia N.D 1.12 1.12 N.D N.D
Peru N.D 1.22 1.12 N.D N.D
Portugal N.D 1.03 1.09 N.D N.D

The year 2016 was of salary moderation and the main cause of the variations is due to the changes in the composition of the workforce. We do not report data from countries or categories without information available, such as administrative staff and operatives and subordinates, nor in cases in which the workforce does not reach a representative number in any of the genres, in this case, technical managers in Bolivia, Ecuador and Indonesia and executives in the United States and Peru.


  1. Executive Managing Directors, Executive Directors, and Managing Directors are not included.