Energy intensity[1]

In the Oil & Gas sector, a clear distinction must be made between Downstream and Upstream energy consumption, in view of the differences between their operations. Energy intensity was calculated as the energy consumption per ton of crude oil processed in the Refining sector, whilst in the Exploration and Production sector it was calculated per barrels of oil equivalent (boe) produced.


2014 2015 2016
Energy intensity in Refining (GJ/t crude oil processed) 3.65 3.45 3.52
Energy intensity in Exploration and Production (GJ/boe produced)[2] 0.306 0.399[3] 0.381

  1. Energy consumption data for 2014 and 2015 have been recalculated with regard to the 2015 Sustainability Report, by including consumption derived from coke and flare, previously considered as losses.
  2. The data have been calculated taking into account the gross production of our operating facilities, since the reported energy consumption reflects 100% of the consumption of these facilities, regardless of Repsol’s percentage in the same.
  3. Exploration and Production energy consumption for 2015 has been changed with regard to the 2015 Sustainability Report due to updating of the conversion factors used for ROGCI facilities.