NOx, SOx, and other significant air emissions

Breakdown of air emissions by activities


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Exploración y Producción

More than 80% of SO2 emissions were produced at our refineries.

The increase in NMVOC emissions was due to the inclusion of ROGCI assets as of January (2015 figures include ROGCI from acquisition in May).

Intensity of major air emissions

Atmospheric emissions per ton of crude oil processed at our refineries and per barrel of oil equivalent (boe) produced by our Exploration and Production assets were as follows:



2014 2015 2016
Tons SO2 / thousands of tons of oil processed 0.631 0.532 0.563
Tons NOx / thousands of tons of oil processed 0.416 0.411 0.314
Tons NMVOC / thousands of tons of oil processed 0.353 0.349 0.354


2014 2015 2016
Tons SO2 / thousands of boe produced 0.059 0.031 0.026
Tons NOx / thousands of boe produced 0.190 0.114 0.094
Tons NMVOC / thousands of boe produced 0.301 0.181 0.188


  1. The intensive figures were calculated in due consideration of the gross production of our managed assets, since the air emissions reported considers 100% of consumption of these assets, regardless of the percentage held by Repsol.