Responsibility for our surroundings and concern for safety and the environment are two of the pillars of our company model.

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Contribution to the environment

We contribute to social development in the areas where we are active, fostering local contracting, investing in infrastructure to provide access to water, energy and healthcare, and carrying out social projects


Sustainability Plans, including 700 specific actions


million of voluntary social investment


of our suppliers are local


and the environment

Caring for the health and safety of people and protecting the environment are core values in all of Repsol's activities.


of annual objectives with compensation for our employees are based on safety and the environment

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reduction icon5%

5% Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate

CO2 reduction icon

reduction icon0.9%

million metric ton reduction
in CO2 between 2014 and 2015

+ 40%

of the 2020 reduction target achieved in 2015

More information about Repsol commitment with sustainability