Maximum environmental commitment at La Pampilla
Our Peruvian refinery has become the first in the country to produce low-sulfur diesel

At Repsol, we are firmly committed to society: offering high-quality products that comply with the most stringent environmental standards. In Peru, we have been committed to a sustained and innovative investment process for over 20 years, which has managed to place La Pampilla among the top refining facilities in the region.

One example of this commitment can be found in the project for the building and start-up of the new production units (RLP-21), which have made La Pampilla the first refinery in Peru capable of producing low-sulfur diesel. This initiative is aimed at safeguarding air quality and public health. Following a 476 million dollar investment, the refinery has been producing diesel since August 2016. This is the most consumed fuel locally, with a sulfur content of less than 50 parts per million.

A key milestone in the construction of this unit was the achievement of the zero accidents objective, which was possible thanks to the application of the most rigorous safety standards throughout the process. A total of 50,000 man-hours of safety training were provided.


We have been present in the Peruvian energy market for over two decades, which has made us a local industry leader

This project has positioned La Pampilla among the most advanced facilities in the sector. As explained by Ángel Barroso, Project Construction Manager in Peru, "This percentage of sulfur in the diesel positions the refinery's fuels among those of the best refineries in the world in terms of quality and the environment."

The execution of the project required the participation of up to 2,200 people per day, a high-potential team that fulfilled the established objectives within the established time frames. According to José Ignacio Piñero López, manager of Storage and Procurement, "for me, the most important thing is the team I was working with: qualified, trained, and enthusiastic young people. I am proud to know that they will become great professionals."

This investment demonstrates our strong commitment to driving the energy sector in Peru by extending the refinery's distillation capacity to 117,000 barrels per day, in addition to our continued commitment to offering the highest-quality eco-friendly products.