One of Repsol’s main competitive advantages lies in the people who work at the Company. Together, we've built a relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

People management has become one of the basic elements for achieving the integration and transformation of the Company. We are reviewing our processes and ways of working to strengthen our flexibility. This will allow Repsol to become a company that is better prepared to address future challenges. We will be more efficient, agile, and innovative; focused on performance and talent development in order to ensure that our value creation and growth objectives are met.

In 2017, we acted upon two pillars: organization and the management model. Regarding the first pillar, we have implemented a simpler, more efficient, integrated organizational model. It will strengthen collaboration between areas and optimize governance and control.

With regards to the second pillar, we are aligning all of our people management models to achieve global talent management and foster a leadership style that helps to achieve results through collaboration and flexibility. To this end, we have reinforced meritocracy as a means of recognizing contribution and guaranteeing professional development opportunities for the most committed people with the best performance and highest potential.

Our team of professionals

At the close of 2017, Repsol had 25,085 of its own employees, of which 3,1571 joined the Company during the year.

We have professionals of 84 different nationalities in 37 countries, and nearly 1,800 professionals working in a country other than their country of origin.

A renewed value proposition

In 2017, the Company updated its employer attributes, improving our employee value proposition. It pivots around the five pillars that set Repsol aside from other companies: company, culture, compensation and performance, professional development, and leadership. This renewed value proposition has allowed us to lower the total employee turnover rate from 13% to 9% in 2017.


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received training
in 2017

Company attributes

Respect for people and environmental conservation are the foundation of our company attributes. Every day, we strive to become a more efficient company; agile, flexible, and innovative, capable not only of adapting to the future, but also creating it; focused on performance, with inspiring leaders capable of developing talent; integrated and inclusive; and a benchmark for corporate governance excellence.

Culture and Diversity

With regard to Culture and Diversity, in 2017 our Diversity and Work-Life Balance Committee resumed its activity, presided by the Company's senior management and comprised of directors of different nationalities, areas and businesses. It has five lines of work: disabilities, sex, age, cultural diversity, and flexibility and work-life balance.

We have a Company-wide integration plan for people with disabilities. As of December 31st, there were 576 employees with disabilities working with us, representing 2.3% of all employees. In Spain, we exceed the applicable legislation by 2.6%, with 490 directly hired employees.

In flexibility and work-life balance, our Company is recognized for promoting new work methods that facilitate this balance. The teleworking program includes more than 2,000 employees worldwide.

Additionally, in 2017 we reviewed what must be the basic concepts of reconciliation for our employees around the world (marriage, maternity, paternity, breastfeeding, and death of family members) in order to adapt them to the habits, customs, and legislation of each country.

Compensation and performance

Our total rewards model includes fixed compensation, benefits, annual variable compensation, and multi-annual variable compensation. We are committed to a flexible compensation system, adapted to the needs of each employee, with a Share Acquisition Plan1 and other products such as child day care, medical insurance, and additional pension plan contributions.

Annual variable compensation is based on performance and meritocracy; it evaluates the achievement of the Company's objectives, unit objectives, and the individual objectives of each employee.

Professional Development

This year, we implemented a new professional progression model that promotes meritocracy and establishes clear promotion criteria that meet our organization's needs.

The new model enables differentiated career development for technical and management profiles and offers development opportunities through mobility, training, and promotion, thereby taking people's interests into consideration.

Mobility favors learning and professional development by acquiring experiences in different and/or more complex functions. We have updated the training courses available to improve our employees' skills: more than 22,000 employees received training during the year (94.5%). In 2017, some 742 employees were promoted, of which 38% were women.

Mobility 2016 2017
Number of assignments
2,878 3,214
Teleworking indicators 2016 2017
No. of teleworkers worldwide
1,811 2,003

Furthermore, we reviewed our leadership profile and measured the adequacy of our area directors and leaders to said profile through the 180° evaluation, implementing global and individual improvement plans.

In November, we signed the 9th Framework Agreement, which affects most Repsol Group companies in Spain and will be in force until the end of 2019. This agreement focuses on promoting employment quality, promoting the integration of people with different abilities into the workplace, linking variable compensation to the Company's objectives and achievements, promoting equal opportunities, work-life balance and constant employee professional development and training.

1 New hires are only considered as those which are permanent or temporary and where there has been no previous employment relationship with the Company.