Fundación Repsol

Fundación Repsol

Fundación Repsol wants to contribute to sustainable progress and improve society, especially in the areas where the Company operates. With this objective, we carry out projects to integrate people with different abilities and other vulnerable groups, support talent and entrepreneurship, spread awareness about energy, and promote culture.

Social momentum

Fundación Repsol has programs such as the Entrepreneurs Fund, which offers support to startups with technology solutions related to energy and advanced mobility. More than 40 startups have benefited from this fund's support since its creation in 2011. In the field of education, it offers scholarship programs for vocational training and university students.

Sustainable social development is also promoted in countries such as Bolivia, with programs for improving eye health and child nutrition in rural areas. In Colombia, we support the Comprehensive Child Development Center (CIDI) in Cartagena de Indias, which cares for more than 200 children under 24 months of age and their teenage mothers.

Breaking down barriers

In terms of inclusion, Fundación Repsol carries out different initiatives in the sphere of training, culture, sports, and awareness, with the aim of integrating people with disabilities, and/or those at risk of exclusion. We mustn't forget the "More culture, More inclusion" program, which promotes the presence of people with intellectual disabilities in the world of culture and the arts.

Through its Foundation, Repsol promotes greater social, cultural, and environmental development of society.

Energy and society

Another line of action consists of spreading knowledge about the energy sector, through education and raising awareness about the importance of making responsible use of energy resources. In this regard, Fundación Repsol is developing the educational program LearningEnergy which includes initiatives such as workshops or Energy with Consciousness. These activities are aimed at secondary or primary schoolchildren and take place at educational centers in Spain.

The integration of people with disabilities, or enterprising support, are some of their lines of work.

Responsible citizenship

Through this line of action, we promote charity initiatives. Thus, the program More than Words enables employees, shareholders, distributors and clients to present social action projects. In the 2017 edition, more than 30 projects received €10,000 to foster social integration and meet the needs of specific groups.

Additionally, Fundación Repsol manages the Repsol volunteering program. More than 3,000 registered people regularly volunteer in order to take action regarding the social concerns of the Group's employees and their environment, and contribute to building a better future for society.


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Cultural support

Furthermore, the Foundation promotes the dissemination of culture and knowledge. Examples included the collaboration with the Molinete Archaeological Park recovery project in Cartagena; the Ópera y+ (Opera and More) project with the Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera (ABAO-OLBE); the SonFuturo program of the Galician Symphony Orchestra (OSG); and the support for the Short Narrative Literary Prize in Galician language.


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