New services
for expanding
our customer offering

The Marketing business area improved its results and sales in 2017. Service Stations, for example, increased their marketed volumes — especially Premium products — while continuing to innovate with new services designed to expand the offering to our customers.

Repsol markets its range of products and services through an extensive service station network, and through direct sales to large customers in a variety of industries, including aviation, marine, large industries, and final consumers.

Service stations
Country No. of points of sale
Spain 3,445
Portugal 464
Peru 490
Italy 310
Mexico(1) 10
Total 4,719
  1. The information reflects the company's situation at March 12, 2018.

In this regard, we maintained our policy of association with leading market companies in 2017. We have entered into agreements with Amazon, for customers to collect their orders at our stations, and with El Corte Inglés, to create the largest network of local and convenience stores in Spain, under the Supercor Stop & Go brand.

Additionally, Repsol launched the Waylet application, which allows customers to pay at service stations and obtain discounts and promotions. In January 2018, the Company acquired 70% of the capital of the start-up Klikin, with the objective of further promoting Waylet and converting it into a leading payment and loyalty method for all types of businesses.

In order to make our customers' stay more comfortable, in November 2017 we opened a new service station in Madrid, Repsol On, which has a store with carefully selected products and good coffee supplied by Starbucks. The second store will be opened in February 2018 in Ugaldebieta (Vizcaya).


to achieve an 8–10%
market share in Mexico by 2022

We increased our market share and volume of sales with respect to 2016. In Marketing Portugal, the Service Stations and Direct Sales businesses continued to record good performance in both sales and earnings.

A very relevant milestone was the entry in the Mexican fuel market, in line with our strategy to internationalize our Downstream businesses. The objective is to open between 200 and 250 service stations per year until obtaining a market share of 8–10%.