Repsol Marketing

Repsol markets its range of products and services through an extensive network of service stations and also through direct sales. Our marketing activities also include other sales channels that provide a differentiated service to sectors such as the aviation sector, the marine sector, other large industries, and end consumers, as well as the marketing of a wide range of products such as coke, lubricants, asphalts, sulfur, oils, paraffin and derivatives.

The management of marketing margins and credit risk has allowed the service stations channel and direct sales channel, both aimed at end consumers, to obtain positive results.

At 2016 year-end, our company had 4,715 service stations. In Spain, the network was comprised of 3,501 points of sale, 29% of which were self-managed. The other service stations are distributed across Portugal, Italy, and Peru.


Our company maintains its partnership policy with market-leaders such as El Corte Inglés, Nespresso, Disney, and Correos. With El Corte Inglés, we consolidated the development and implementation of the Supercor Stop & Go stores at Repsol service stations. With Correos, we entered into an agreement for a service allowing customers to send and receive packages at our Repsol service stations. The strategic alliance shows how Repsol is embracing new technology trends associated with e-Commerce.

In 2016, we reinforced the key projects initiated in 2015 in the different segments, which have allowed us to drive our brand value and product quality through innovation, operational excellence, and a committed team of professionals.

These innovation projects, which have incorporated efficiency and very high quality products, such as Neotech fuels or BiEnergy heating diesel, have allowed our customers to obtain maximum service from their next-generation vehicles and boilers with minimum consumption.

The consolidation of programs such as "Repsol Más" and the "Customer Plan" have allowed us to strengthen our customer relations.


Repsol has confirmed its leadership position in Europe in the production and commercialization of green coke fuel. Likewise, it has continued with its policy on value contribution, diversification, and international expansion: 50% of sales are made in foreign markets in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

In line with this idea of growth and consolidation, Servicios Logísticos de Combustibles de Aviación (SLCA), a company in which Repsol has a 50% stake, performs into-plane operations at the two main Spanish airports: Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat. As a result, SLCA is the leading operator in Spain in terms of the number of airports and volume of activity. We have consolidated our presence in France, which began in 2015, with the award of various supply contracts for French Air Force operating bases.


On December 19th, we inaugurated the new Sines logistics terminal for receiving, storing, and dispatching diesel. Through this project we are reinforcing our development and consolidation strategy in Portugal.

Furthermore, more than 50% Lubricants, Asphalts, and Specialized Products sales are made in foreign markets: we operate in over 90 countries and have 73 international lubricant distributors.

Faithful to its commitment to society, Repsol maintained its policy encouraging the employment and integration of people with disabilities in 2016, collaborating with ONCE and Fundosa. We also promoted our commitment to safety, sustainability, and respect for the environment by developing eco-friendly products at the Repsol Technology Center, such as Repsol Bio Telex 68 oil and green asphalts.